One Thousandth of a Second


One of my most treasured acquisitions during my camp days was a zoom lens for my old Konica camera. The lens was an all manual film camera that I had bought years back in Caracas as I started getting interested in photography.

This camera provided the perfect balance between an artistic tool and self-defense weapon in a country with one the highest homicide rates in the world. It was a learning tool that could be swung by the strap like a medieval flail, holding about five pounds of metal at the end.

Regardless, it was old; it showed some signs of time. Fortunately, it was never used as a flail.

Now in Michigan I had nothing to worry about. I could walk with my camera, wherever I wanted and people wouldn’t even notice I had a camera; they cared less.  At the time digital cameras were already hitting the market, and if anybody looked at me and my camera it was probably feeling sorry for me.

I knew that a video is rendered in about 24 frames per second; at least those with a cinematic view that resemble reality. 1,440 frames per minute, 86,400 frames per hour, and about 1,036,800 frames for the about 12 hours we are conscious of our surroundings.

I know. Today we look at images of happy faces in social media, but we don’t realize that such images are just 1,000th of a second out of over a million things that occur in a day.

A photograph, an image painted with light in a communion among ISOs, aperture and exposure. A snip of a second. Perhaps, even 5,000th of a second if you have a newer camera. Those little time capsules; little windows connecting us to the past.

My Konica was ready to take on Michigan one 1000th of a second at a time; and now with a zoom.


8 thoughts on “One Thousandth of a Second

  1. I love love love using my “real camera” and when I snap on that zoom lense it is amazing! Kudos to the throwback. I can only imagine the moments captured with your trusty sidekick.

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  2. I recently upgraded my camera and have found a love for it. I need to take a class or two to fully make use out of the camera. I have been playing around with the camera and occassionally get a really good picture!


  3. I love your post—and specifically the reminder that any picture we see is merely a snip of a second. Sometimes other people’s posts on social media can make it appear as though everyone else is living the perfect life—but really, it is important to keep in mind that generally only the best snippets of seconds are shown to the world.


  4. Wow, this is a great piece. I love how you zoned in on imagery. Just Fabulous! You really know cameras and shots. However, what made me think is how split that second is when a photo is taken. How that split could signify a feeling that wasn’t really there…it just so happens that that photo was taken at that particular microsecond. Thank you!


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