March 9- A culture of excellence

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Time goes fast, and 7 years were now in hindsight. Life for the McCarthy’s had really changed. Joan was now a Principal at Hilltop Academy of Excellence and Patrick’s career as a keynote speaker was chugging along with his 9-5 Dean position.

Sometime in the year, they got in touch with the Simpleton’s via phone and Patrick had a much different demeanor. He wasn’t rude towards Jon, but he had this tone of being entitled to the truth in any discussion. You could tell that he had truly internalized some of the academic readings pertaining to education; he was quick to cite authors and statistics usually with an “If” statement. “Well Jon, if you read Dr. X-Y-Z of Impressive University you would realize that …” Jon didn’t quite like his tone, but put up with him; after all, they were friends. The conversation became stale pretty quick and in Jon’s opinion just a monologue; one of the many he had already heard before.

However, Jon perked up when Patrick started talking about his leadership role in creating a culture of excellence in his building. To which Jon, although familiar with the concept, asked “what do you mean by the culture of excellence?” prompting Patrick to expand on the subject.

“Jon, we have a culture of excellence in our school. We are very strict with our students and we do not allow the behavior to get on the way of teaching. If a student can’t comply with our rules we simply put them out. We are there to teach not to deal with behaviors. Or else, classrooms become dumping grounds of bad behaviors that hold everybody back,” said Patrick.

In a split of a second Jon asked back “well, that’s great but what do you do with those students who can’t comply, you just send them all out to an alternative school?”

“Absolutely not. Alternative schools are expensive and bursting out the seems. First of all, we call the parents and explain that their child will be expelled. After that, we give them the option of waiting for the out-placement letter or simply withdrawing their child. After that they can go to the public school in the neighborhood and register” said Patrick.

“What?” said Jon. “That’s horrible!” Exclaimed Jon in disbelief.

“Well, it may be, but it works for us and our scores are not bad. We started the last year with 660 students and now we are down to 600. The result? The classrooms are great. Everybody wants to learn and there is no wasted time during instruction. our scores are soaring this year.”

The conversation came to an end. Jon went back to work pondering what would happen if Verpissdich School District would take the same approach?


5 thoughts on “March 9- A culture of excellence

  1. Different minds sets of education – the all or the privileged who can play the game of school well. FInding balance in life is a challenge – in schools it can be more than challenging at times.


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