March 14-Overspending

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Joan had become a very successful Principal in her district. At times she felt like she didn’t want to deal with her school problems anymore but she continued pushing herself and her staff to push their standardized test scores higher. After all, that was one of the issues that the community was adamant about due to the impact of the test scores in the areas’ real estate. Nobody wanted to buy a house in a neighborhood with “bad schools.” If the score of a school is low, people avoid buying houses feeding into that school. This creates a market price drop due to low demand for housing in the neighborhood.

Joan had managed to push the scores from a 5 to a 7, according to The community was very happy about that. Prices in the area where on the rise and neighbors felt good about it.

That was no small feat, and as a consequence, her health had suffered tremendously. Despite trying to get her weight under control through the Belly-geniX shake system, it was simply not sustainable. She would commit to replacing one or two meals per day with shakes for a week and then she would end up on a carb binge. She would feel depressed, like a failure and always wondering “why can’t I be successful in reaching the most simple goals?”

A conversation between Patrick and Joan about stepping out of the hamster wheel was not foreign to them. However, without knowing how much they would need in savings to sustain their lives without working they didn’t think it was possible; which was probably true since they were overspending every single month despite their high salaries.

The answer or conclusion of all these occasional conversations was always “we need to make more.” But somehow “making more” always led to the need of making even more.

There would always be another brand-new car to buy, a new remodel to make to the rarely used kitchen, a new clothing item that would never see the light again after wearing it once, new brand-name tools to decorate the garage, new iPhones, watches, etc, etc, etc. An infinite plethora of picturesque junk for which they were trading off their time on Earth, but that would be worth maybe less than 25% of its original value in just a few months.

They could always afford anything except for time for themselves.


12 thoughts on “March 14-Overspending

  1. This was me, many years ago. I left a high-paying administrative position, moved back to Maine, and returned to living a more simple life. I would never go back…


  2. This is many of us. I just love how these read. I hear the bear voice over voice in my mind as I read them and picture the frantic to and fro that seems to be their life.


  3. Sounds like they need to visit GOOP and buy some Jade Eggs to feel healthier. Maybe some bottles of “Raw Water” will help. Get some crystals around the house. It makes you think about Andrew Yang running for president who is running on a Universal Basic Income. Pair that with Medicare-For-All and tuition free universities, do you think people would stay in the jobs they were in or live a life that makes them happy not having to worry about dying if they don’t make enough money or going into debt getting a career that doesn’t allow them to make enough money to live?

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    1. All those things are important. More important though is to find what we want to do and be in life. It’s about finding the intrinsic motivation; what really matters. Many people don’t ever even get look inside of them; they are too caught up with the external stuff.


  4. This is so sad. I seems that the more we make the more we spend on things that really don’t make us all that happy and when the time comes for us to want to get out of the rat race we can’t because we can’t afford it. I guess it is all about getting our priorities straight when we are younger.

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