March 16-We will all be happier if we had more…s..

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Patrick and Joan were concerned about their health. Joan had to replace a great part of her wardrobe due to some drastic weight gain and Patrick was hooked on some innovative khaki pants made out of a spandex material of sorts.

Work-life was good for both of them but intimate life not so much. To the point, that intimacy was so rare between them that they could actually remember the last time it happened.

They were also concerned about getting older and not being able to start a family. Not necessarily because there was a fertility issue but mainly because they couldn’t find the appropriate time to rear a child into this world and make all the changes fit with their already crazy schedules.

But life has a way of throwing curve balls when we least expect it and after a quick trip for a professional development retreat, the magic happened. It was not the conference they attended or the speakers that sparked the night but rather, the elimination of everything every night when they would go back to the place they had rented out.

This had been a place that the Simpleton’s had stayed at in one of their trips to Colorado. Jane had described it as simply magical. Surrounded by trees and engulfed by the millions of sounds that only nature can conceive and are summarized in peaceful silence.

After the first night of forgetting what once seemed to be important in the McCarthy’s life they briefly found each other again in a slow sequence of tantric shadows trying to take form through the night.

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Coming back home and to their reality was not easy. They felt connected.

But almost as if they were approaching the gates of hell, the closer they got home the more their conversation started to change from them as a couple, to their schedules and what they needed to do for their jobs.


9 thoughts on “March 16-We will all be happier if we had more…s..

  1. Love the ending! It is OH SO TRUE! When the wife and I leave the house – it’s the “how was your day… what happened” and it moves to the creative, fun – exciting conversations of where to travel next, thoughts on our future, etc… Once we see the city limit sign, it is like a cloud comes over us… back to the grind, back to reality… back to BORINGVILLE!

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