March 17- Baseball

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Patrick and Joan resumed their lives and responsibilities. The only time available for them to hang out was overwhelmingly taken by their sport of choice: Baseball!

Both of them loved baseball. Patrick played all through high school but suffered a knee injury that put him out on his senior year.

The McCarthys’ lived for Baseball. They were both season tickets holders, which cost them $3,984 each, a year. However, for this new season, Joan had developed an aversion to certain smells; including the greasy smell from the food concessions at the park, which made her stay home most of the times. In her mind, she reminisced in that wonderful night she’d had spent with Patrick. At the same time, she also wondered if that night full of passion was the cause of all her ailments.

The Simpleton’s on the other hand, although they were also baseball fans, they took a different approach to their needs as sports fanatics. Of course, they had been to the baseball park here and there. However, most of the times rather than traveling to a stadium, paying for parking, expensive junk food, and season tickets, they would call up a few friends for a potluck if the game was on. No cable subscription needed to have a good time and enjoy the game, they thought.

If they were craving the excitement of being on the bleachers they would go to watch either a AA league nearby, where they could get in for just $5-10, or even a free game at their local park district.

After all, it didn’t make sense to them to pay such an exorbitant amount of money or rooting for teams that for the most part, their players do not even belong to the state or city they represent. Players are traded from one team to another based on contracts and money; that’s the bottom line. So, why would you pay almost $4,000 of your hard earned cash filling up the pockets of people who are so rich that they don’t even need to work one more day in their lives? That’s how the Simpletons’ felt.

Money is a scarce commodity and even more scarce is the precious time you trade for it.


4 thoughts on “March 17- Baseball

  1. The pretentiousness of your posts has hit a peak here with this one. It oozes out of every sentence, especially knowing you don’t even like sports. So I’ll give you a little background on baseball. Most professional games cannot be seen without a cable subscription. Most teams are moving towards their own TV networks. AA teams require parking costs (which you could normally find free ones in Chicago), don’t let you bring in food from home (which you can do in Chicago), and the teams aren’t even feeding into the pro-Chicago teams so you’ll never see them play professionally. Most people with season tickets split them with a partner and are able to sell their tickets so not actually spending the full amount of a season. You can even donate these tickets for a tax write off. Most season ticket holders also don’t have a ton of kids which cost infinitely more than going to a sporting event. I guess some people decide do they want to enjoy life when they are young vs. save for a future beating the odds of coming down with some illness that affects a majority of Americans. 50% of Americans go bankrupt due to coming down with cancer. An ever growing rate of people battle cancer in their lifetime. It will grow even higher as the GOP continues to deregulate everything. Plastics fill our blood. Climate change poisons the air with each passing wildfire. But to each their own I guess.


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