March 18- Waves of influence

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There were no harsh feelings from the Simpleton’s towards people who chose a different way. It just didn’t make sense to them. They actually felt thankful for others who chose to spend their hard earned money carelessly because thanks to them the economy was pulsing. They reasoned that if everybody went into frugal mode the economy would probably stall and affect everybody’s life negatively.

Pop culture is this invincible monster that chases us until the last second of our day when we put our phones down and close our eyes to sleep. We are constantly bombarded with ideas, false information, and expectations of what life should be like; creating all these needs and frustrations that we feel we can only put out with money. That’s right, money that we have agreed to exchange for hours of our life poured into a job. A task. Then we take that money and swap it for some piece of junk that gives us minutes of pleasure until we get bored again and feel we need something else. We exchange our precious life-time for gadgets bound to occupy a corner in our garage or replaced by a newer model of the same. We tumble in a wave of music, tv shows, car ads, diet shakes, sports, magic health pills, reality TV programs, news, etc. All this leads us in a crescendo of insatiable needs that end in a climax of complete dissatisfaction and frustration, for not attaining the unattainable happiness sold to us.

The Simpleton’s never tumbled on that wave. They rode it. Just like a surfer. Adapting to the moment, ready for any swell approaching the shore. Going down the wave’s face and ripping it up and down, admiring the beauty of its abstract world; covered by the liquid lip that takes shape as it goes. And as unpredictable as a wave may be they were relentless about their financial goals. Wiping out was not an option. They would never let themselves tumble inside of that wave.

The Simpleton’s were riding the wave of their lives.

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Image by Drew Brophy. If you are interested in his work check



4 thoughts on “March 18- Waves of influence

  1. What a beautiful metaphor. I especially loved, “Going down the wave’s face and ripping it up and down, admiring the beauty of its abstract world; covered by the liquid lip that takes shape as it goes.” It was the liquid lip…the alliteration that really made the comparison jump off the page. Thank you for slicing and for the reminder of what is important in life…which cannot be purchased with money!

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